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The Jacob List is dedicated to the conservation of the Jacob breed and the preservation of genetic diversity found in this unique and irreplaceable heritage breed. It serves as a means of communication and research through the exchange of information, experience, ideas and opinions for the support and benefit of the Jacob and those committed to their conservation.

The Jacob List is not affiliated with any organization and is open to all who have an interest in the Jacob breed. Open and frank discussions are invited and encouraged!


When you join the list, please send a message introducing yourself and briefly describing your involvement with Jacob sheep.
Please keep the content of messages related to the Jacob.
Be sure the subject line reflects the topic being discussed.
Sign your name to each message.
Do not send photos or other attachments to the list.  Most messages containing such attachments will be rejected by the list software.
Do not post private messages from others without first receiving that person's permission.
Occasional Jacob-related advertisements are permitted. Identify the posting as such by using "AD-" as the first word in the subject line.
Diversity of opinion should be expected and respected. When debating issues avoid personal conflicts and stick to the issues.
This list is not monitored. Each individual is expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner.
Repeated misuse of the guidelines may result in a warning or possible suspension from the list. Address complaints or suggestions to:

Do not send messages containing copyrighted material (text or images) without obtaining the copyright holders written permission and forwarding that permission to Mark Williams, the list administrator.  This MUST be done BEFORE you post the copyrighted material.


The Jacob Sheep list is a free service provided by Swallow Lane Farm & Fiberworks, Swallow Lane Communications, Mark Williams, and Pair Networks [the sponsors] as a courtesy to its participants.  [The sponsors] make no warantee as to the accuracy, validity, or appropriateness of the information contained within messages sent via the list.  All opinions expressed are those of the individual participants and do not necessarily represent the opinions of [the sponsors]. Subscribers must use information conveyed via the list at their own risk.

This list is not monitored, nor is it screened for potentially harmful viruses that could be transmitted attached to email messages.  Subscribers accept all risks associated with the use of the list and the information contained within it.